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Junior Cycle

2nd Year CBA Calendar
23-24 Calendar CBA1 & CBA2 - 2nd Years (2).jpg
3rd Year CBA Calendar
23-24 Calendar CBA1 & CBA2 - 3rd Years  (2).jpg
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Compulsory Subjects/Optional Subjects & Short Courses

The curriculum offered in Presentation Secondary School is designed to allow students to engage with a broad range of subjects which are experienced through a wide variety of learning experiences.

Junior Cycle Core Subjects:

Irish | English | Maths | History | Religion (non-exam)

Wellbeing incl. CSPE, SPHE & PE
Wellbeing Module incl. Friends for Life, Digital Literacy, Choir & Guidance


Junior Cycle Option Subjects: (Choose 5)

Business Studies

Home Economics







Visual Art

Watch the video to find out more about Graphics New subject introduced in 2021

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JC info cover.PNG
Junior Cycle Terminology


Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement

A JCPA is awarded to a student upon completion of their three years of Junior Cycle.

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JCPA Privacy Statement

JCPA explainer image.png

JCPA Explainer Poster


Classroom Based Assessment

CBAs are assessments that take place in second and third year.

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CBA info for students.png

CBA Information Poster for Students

CBA info for parents.png

CBA Information Booklet for Parents


Other Areas of Learning

As part of the JCPA, students record 3-5 statements focusing on the skills and knowledge they achieved during the Junior Cycle, outside of normal classroom subjects.

Key Skills and Statements of Learning

The Junior Cycle is now based around a foundation of key skills and statements of learning. Students will experience and develop these throughout all of their subjects.

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