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Parents' Council

The educational development of our children is one of the most important activities that we, as parents and guardians, can get involved in. The importance of school to the education of our children is immense and parental/guardian involvement should not stop at the school gate.


Provision is made in the Education Act 1998 to allow parents of students of a school to set up a Parents Association. The Act states that:

"The parents of students of a recognised school may establish and maintain from among their number, a parents’ association for the school and membership of that association shall be open to all parents of students of that school.


The parents association in a school works with the principal, staff and board of management to build effective co-operation and partnership between home and school."


The role of the parent’s association is set down in the Education Act 1998 as follows:

"A parents association shall promote the interests of the students in a school in co-operation with the board, principal, teachers and students."

The Education Act also sets out two broad tasks for a parents association which are: 

  • To advise the Principal or the Board on matters relating to the school

  • To adopt a programme of activities which will promote the involvement of parents in the operation of the school, in consultation with the principal

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