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Board of Management

Presentation Kilkenny is managed by a Board of Management. Boards of Management have been exceptionally successful in the school. This success is due to the generosity, talent and dedication of the various members of the Boards and to the wise leadership of the Chairperson.

There are eight members on a Board of Management: Four nominees of the Trustees (including the chair), two nominees of teachers and two nominees of parents. The Principal is the Secretary to the Board but does not have a vote.

Trustee Representatives

Ms. Maria Kelly (Chairperson)

Mr. Cathal Cullen

Mr. Peter Creedon

Mr. Ronan Mealey

Secretary of the Board

Mr. Shane Hallahan (Principal)

Staff Representatives

Ms. Natasha Smith

Ms. Danielle Bradley

Parent Representatives

Ms. Roseanne Byrne

Ms. Josephine Galway

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