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Volleyball is one of the most popular team sports here at Presentation Kilkenny. It is a sport which teaches many fundamental life skills such as the ability to work in a team, to stay calm under pressure, to have the ability to concentrate for long periods, and to show leadership while also being able to take instruction.


The school offers volleyball to all age groups including Senior, Junior and Cadet (U16).To accommodate 1st years who are new to the sport, a spikeball programme is followed. Spikeball is a modified simplistic volleyball game. 


In the school's recent history, we have been crowned with a Senior B All Ireland title and a Cadet B All Ireland title and have also gone on to represent the school in Portugal in an International Event.

Training takes place twice a week for different age groups. It is a great opportunity for students to get involved in a team sport and to try their hand at something new.

2nd Year

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