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Soccer has been played in our school for many years. It is a very popular sport amongst our students and our soccer teams have proven to be very successful. 


The school offers soccer to all ages. We enter competitions with the following teams; 1st year , Under 15, Under 17, and Under 19. 



Training takes place during lunch or after school.



Ms Redddy 

Ms Mc Donald 

Ms Costello 

Ms O Shea

Mr Campion

Mr Chaney 

Ms Kearns

Ms Roche 




1st years

County Futsal Winners 

Leinster Futsal Champions 2016

All Ireland Futsal Champions 2016

Leinster Cup Winners 2017

All Ireland Cup Winners 2017

Rod Houston Cup 2018


Under 15

Leinster Finalists 2014

Leinster Champions 2017

Leinster Finalists 2018

Leinster Champions 2019

National Cup Winners 2019


Under 17

Leinster Champions 2015

Leinster Champions 2019

All Ireland Champions 2019

National Junior Cup Winners 2019

Leinster Junior Cup Winners 2020

National Junior Cup Runners up 2020


Under 19

Leinster Champions 2016

All- Ireland Finalists 2016

Leinster Champions 2017

Leinster Senior Cup Runners up 2019

National Senior Cup Champions 2020


- Two Schoolgirls International players

  Freya Hardy Petit de Mange

  Ellen Molloy

- Under 15 Schoolgirls International captain: Ellen Molloy

- Senior International player: Ellen Molloy 


Views about soccer from our students


Senior Soccer Player:

My name is Cliodhna Donnelly and I’m currently in 6th year in Presentation. Playing soccer in the Presentation has always been a really fun and positive experience for me. Soccer has always provided me with a break from everything going on and getting the opportunity to represent the school throughout my years at Pres has been amazing . I’ve played on several different teams during my time in Pres. During my first three years in school, I was a part of teams that won Minor, Leinster and All-Ireland Finals as well as a Senior Leinster Final. In the past two years I’ve picked up a Junior, Leinster and All Ireland medal, another senior Leinster medal along with a Senior All Ireland medal this time around! In competing with all these teams at different levels, I’ve made many lifelong friends of all ages which has greatly enhanced my school experience. Due to the demands of playing  sport, I’ve had to learn to balance it with my schoolwork, this has only been made easier by the support of my teachers who have always been very accommodating. 


Junior Soccer Player:


My name is Clíodhna Murphy and I am currently in TY in Presentation Secondary School Kilkenny.I personally really enjoy playing soccer as I love sports.  I started playing soccer with my school in 1st year and I have continued ever since. Over my 4 years in the school, I have won 3 All Ireland titles. I won these when I was u15, u17 and u19. I have also won 4 leinster titles throughout the years. Playing soccer has really developed me as a person and has allowed me to make new friends from not only my year but from older and younger years too. We train after school every week.This training is very enjoyable. I get to enjoy playing and talking with my friends but also improving my soccer skills too. I really enjoy soccer as I get time away from books and I get to play against different schools. I have no doubt that when I look back at my time in Pres, I will be grateful for the life long friends and memories I have from soccer.


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