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6th Year Parent Teacher Meeting Links


Click on the button below to complete your registration for your parent teacher meeting.

You will be asked to request appointments in order of preference.

School Roll number: 61590S

Student ID number: You will find your child's STUDENT ID on the VSware app. Click on his PERSONAL tab and then on SCHOOL. It is their VSware ID - a 7 digit number.

Unfortunately due to the online nature of the event, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to meet all teachers.

How it works

After completing your registration and filling out your preferences, you will be be able to log in using the Roll Number and Student ID. Here you will find your list of timeslots for meeting with your child's teachers.

At the time of each appointment you should click on the name of the teacher (you will find all teacher's below). After clicking on the teacher, a new window will open where you will enter the waiting room for that meeting. The teacher will then admit you in to that meeting.

Please note: A gmail account is required to join the meeting. If you do not have a personal gmail account, your child's school gmail account can be used.

Teacher meeting links
(Click on name at appointment time)

Ms. Ahern

Ms. Brady

Ms. Bradley

Ms. Brennan

Ms. Brophy

Ms. Callinan

Ms. L Carey

Ms. C Carey

Mr. M Carey

Mr. Carpenter

Mr. Chaney

Mr. Cleary

Ms. Cotter

Ms. Donnellan

Ms. E Dooley

Mr. J Dooley

Ms. Dowling

Ms. Dunne

Ms. Dudley-McEvoy

Mr. Fitzgerald

Mr. French

Ms. Gallagher

Ms. Geary

Ms. Guivarc'h

Ms. Hanrick

Ms. Hennessy

Ms. Kearns

Ms. Kelly

Ms. Kenealy

Ms. Knox

Ms. Manuel

Ms. McCarthy

Ms. C McDonald

Ms. K McDonald

Ms. Minchin

Ms. Mulcahy

Ms. E Murphy

Mr. S Murphy

Ms. O'Carroll

Ms. O'Hara

Ms. O'Shea

Ms. O'Sullivan

Ms. G Power

Ms. C Power

Ms. Rennick

Ms. Skelton

Ms. Smith

Ms. Smithers

Ms. Teehan

Mr. Thompson

Ms. Walshe

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